Month: November 2012

Madison on a Tuesday Night

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Always something to do in Madison – even on a Tuesday night. The Ivory Room Piano Bar was our entertainment of choice that night – colleagues, beer, and sing-alongs. Good times. Now I can’t decide if I like the color or B&W version better…

And in black & white:


I left my heart in…Madison, WI

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There is an energy in Madison that just doesn’t exist in any other Wisconsin city. And it has nothing to do with government…this capitol building shot just happens to be my most recent photo taken while attending a conference there last month.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

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I am thankful for puppies. This one happens to be three years old…

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My heart

Here I Go Again…

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I promised myself I would not post photos of myself in this blog, mostly because I am truly not photogenic. Seriously, I can look into a mirror as I am taking a photo, and think I look ok and the pose is good, but the photo will inevitably be awful. BUT, occasionally when someone else takes a photo of me it is at least humorous enough that I am willing to share. Thanks to Amy Irene at Xenogirl for picking up my camera and snapping this pic!

Last Saturday, I attended a “Mad Men” themed party where I attempted to dress as Joan Holloway. I even found a vintage dress and used about 100 pins in my hair. I must have done ok, because two people that were not affiliated with our party told me that I look like “that girl on Mad Men”. Anyway, later in the evening I was a little hungry, but the dj was playing some good jams, so I combined eating and dancing. Oh yes, I am that classy.

Graffiti: Rome and Cagli

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I loved the graffiti in Rome and Cagli. I might have to get out there and see what I can find locally besides simple tags…

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Ridiculous Warmth

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For some reason, all my poetry lately has revolved around the (mostly responsible) consumption of alcoholic beverages…enjoy!

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Ridiculous Warmth

My eyes are warm

My cheeks are warm

I am inclined to smile

I want to talk to you

Do you want to talk to me?

I think you did, once,

Before I faded into ridiculousness

I guess I will have to wait

Until you become ridiculous, too.

R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. Blog Award

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The sweet, lovely, and talented Alison at ALISONIDEAS has nominated me for the R.E.A.L.I.T.Y Blog Award. She has an amazing story and an amazingly positive, fun, and quirky (in a good way!) attitude that shows through her journaling and photos. Thank you for thinking of me for this award, Alison!

So, like other blogger-to-blogger awards, there is a short q&a and a pay-it-forward element (for this award, there are 8 nominees):

1) If you could change something what would you change?

  • Good dark chocolate, whisky, and wine would all be considered diet foods and part of a healthy, balanced diet.

2) If you could repeat an age, what age would it be?

  • This one is hard…there are so many years that I could repeat… 🙂 Probably 21 or 22 because I didn’t know nearly enough about myself then to be making the huge life decisions I made. No regrets, but it would have been nice to know more about myself.

3) What one thing really scares you?

  • The zombie apocalypse. Hands down. I am not a fast runner, nor do I think I am athletic enough to beat something with a shovel.

4) What one dream have you not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it?

  • My aspirational dreams change all the time. However, I have always wanted to own vintage mid-century cars – especially a muscle car. Oh…and an old Airstream. I think those are attainable goals…

5) If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

  • Maybe Joss Whedon so I can find out how his mind works…

Blogs I Nominate (seriously, go check them out!)

I am not sure about the “yippee”, but all of these blogs are real, energizing, amazing, lovely, inspiring, and touching. In no particular order:

WISIWIS (What I See is What I Shoot). Wonderful photos, culture and stories from Moscow – very talented!

arooseyeview. I admire this blogger’s ability to take artistic shots of ordinary items…like a trivet or ear buds. Check it out!

Rose Colored Photo. A talented photo blogger with an incredibly positive attitude and a commitment to posting one photo a day, something I have not yet had the courage to pledge. She has been incredibly kind and helpful to me and I look forward to growing and learning with her.

My Blog with Pretty Pictures. Check out this blog for some great, artistic, and sometimes raw street photography, all done with a smart phone!

choosemyway. Architecture, life, and humor from a Chicago photo blogger. His personality shows in every shot, and his blog has made me realize I need to be more purposeful with my work.

Skyheart Photography. Another  great photo-a-day blog, who claims to be a ‘fauxtographer’, but I think the ‘faux’ can be replaced with ‘pho’ 🙂

rprtphoto. One of my favorite outdoor photographers. The title stands for “right place, right time”, something I have always believed about my photos – part technical knowledge, part preparation (having your camera with you), and part “right place, right time”.  Check it out for some great, mostly outdoor, photography – and pay attention to the witty titles, some of them really crack me up!

adriancharliehoran. A young blogger who writes about whatever comes to mind in a witty, entertaining, and positive way.