Month: December 2012

Fireworks in December

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The new LED lights I bought this year shine so brightly against the house, even through several inches of snow. It reminds me of fireworks. I was using my ‘new’ old lens, which seems to be a bit more challenging to use than the lenses I am used to, but I think they turned out ok.



Coneflower in a Snowstorm

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Merry Christmas! This photo was taken during a blizzard a few days ago and edited using Pixelmator (working on buying LR). It was my first time using Pixelmator, and I found the program to be incredibly easy to use and experiment with.


Go, I must

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Yes, even the mega-powerful Yoda must use the outhouse from time to time…and in the snow, too!

I was testing out an old lens I had lying around – unfortunately, the results have not been great – many of my photos have been turning out a bit fuzzy. I think it is time to take my camera and lenses in to my favorite shop to have everything looked over. Or perhaps it is a series of photographer errors πŸ™‚



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It will be a white Christmas, after all!! These photos were taken earlier this morning. Yesterday, there was no snow on the ground whatsoever. We are expecting almost 18″ when it is all over, and a warning about potential power outages has been scrolling on my tv.

_MG_6318 _MG_6324 _MG_6329 _MG_6356

Very Inspiring

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Gee, take a short break and get a nice surprise when you return :-). Thank you to Colleen at Jersey Joshii – a charming blog about life in Japan from Collen’s quirky and fun point of view. It truly was a pleasant surprise!

The Rules

1.Display the award logo on your blog. √ check!
2.Link back to the person who nominated you. √ check!
3.State 7 things about yourself. √ check! (see below)
4.Nominate 15 bloggers for this blog and link to their pages. √ check! (well, sort of…see below)
5.Notify these bloggers of the nomination and the awards’ requirements. √ check!

State 7 things about yourself

1. I don’t have cable or satellite tv – just over-the-air. Watching Jimmy Fallon right now, and as much as I like him, I miss Conan terribly.

2. I am an on-the-fringe lover of sci-fi and fantasy – meaning that I don’t get so into it that I know all the history and behind-the-scenes facts, but I enjoy reading/watching.

3. The first movie I ever saw in the theater was Cinderella with my dad, in an old theater that still offered intermission.

4. I don’t take a daily multivitamin – mostly because I forget to, but I like to tell people that it is because I prefer to live on the edge.

5. I haven’t done ANY Christmas shopping yet. Hoping Santa will finally come through…

6. I have an orange cat, with a little round belly, that shakes when he runs, like a bowl full of jelly πŸ™‚

7. I recently discovered that I love to wear vintage clothing.

Nominate 15 bloggers for this blog and link to their pages

I typically follow the rules when it comes to these awards. However, it does take a lot of time to nominate 15 separate blogs, so in an effort to save myself time and make the award even more meaningful (believe me, it is still quite touching to be considered one of 15, so no disrespect to anyone that has nominated me in the past), I have chosen to nominate ONE blog for this award:

Tahira’s Shenanigans

Hopefully the blogger-to-blogger awards police will not lock me away πŸ™‚

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

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Hello! Took a short break while dealing with some computer issues (and learning how to use my new computer). Glad to be back. I hope you enjoy my newest contribution to the weekly photo challenges!

flowers, poppy, Italy, photo, photography

Naughty Kitty

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My cat loves to sneak into the cabinet with the pretty lights and garland…this time, I caught him!