Flea Market Finds

More Sweet Flea Market Finds

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Troll dolls, my little ponies, and beanie babies, oh my!
flea market, flea markets, cookie jars, photography, photo
How about a gospel singer cookie jar?
flea market, flea markets, glass figures, poodles, poodle, photography
Perhaps this would look great on top of a doily at your house…right next to the glass unicorns and Precious Moments collection…

I love flea markets! My poor friends occasionally receive the odd treasures I find…and sometimes I just take photos of them.


Crazy Flea Market Finds

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I can spend an entire day wandering at a flea market, giggling at the strange, and often creepy, items. While there are not very many items I would actually purchase, I do always make sure I have my camera with me…

A creepy porcelain monkey
Secret Sue looks pretty badass
A huge collection of Mammy dolls!