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Something to make you laugh

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Yep. This is me. Being goofy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

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What is beyond “as far as they eye can see”? Hwy 16, Sparta, WI. Info from

Sparta, Wisconsin: 30-Foot-Tall Eyeball

Artist’s big sculpture based on his own veiny orb. The eye spent time in Chicago’s Pritzker Park until 2010, now outside F.A.S.T. in Sparta until it finds a welcoming socket.


I took this wider shot so you could get a feel for the size of this sculpture.


Sparta has it’s eye on you 🙂

**UPDATE** I am quite sad that I no longer get to gaze into the eye of Sparta. The sculpture has moved to Dallas as of August, 2013.

Go, I must

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Yes, even the mega-powerful Yoda must use the outhouse from time to time…and in the snow, too!

I was testing out an old lens I had lying around – unfortunately, the results have not been great – many of my photos have been turning out a bit fuzzy. I think it is time to take my camera and lenses in to my favorite shop to have everything looked over. Or perhaps it is a series of photographer errors 🙂


Creepy Christmas Choir Display

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Oshkosh, WI Celebration of Lights. They look like they have bullet holes in their heads 🙂


Here I Go Again…

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I promised myself I would not post photos of myself in this blog, mostly because I am truly not photogenic. Seriously, I can look into a mirror as I am taking a photo, and think I look ok and the pose is good, but the photo will inevitably be awful. BUT, occasionally when someone else takes a photo of me it is at least humorous enough that I am willing to share. Thanks to Amy Irene at Xenogirl for picking up my camera and snapping this pic!

Last Saturday, I attended a “Mad Men” themed party where I attempted to dress as Joan Holloway. I even found a vintage dress and used about 100 pins in my hair. I must have done ok, because two people that were not affiliated with our party told me that I look like “that girl on Mad Men”. Anyway, later in the evening I was a little hungry, but the dj was playing some good jams, so I combined eating and dancing. Oh yes, I am that classy.

More Sweet Flea Market Finds

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flea market, my little pony, troll doll, beanie baby, beanie babies, my little ponies, troll dolls, photography, flea markets
Troll dolls, my little ponies, and beanie babies, oh my!
flea market, flea markets, cookie jars, photography, photo
How about a gospel singer cookie jar?
flea market, flea markets, glass figures, poodles, poodle, photography
Perhaps this would look great on top of a doily at your house…right next to the glass unicorns and Precious Moments collection…

I love flea markets! My poor friends occasionally receive the odd treasures I find…and sometimes I just take photos of them.

Spooky Halloween

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Ok…I have never taken a photo of someone’s gravesite before for the purpose of novelty, and to be honest, I felt a little weird doing it (not spooked weird, just weird). Regardless of any weirdness, I was driving through Plainfield, WI yesterday and decided that Halloween was as good a time as any to stop by Ed Gein’s original gravesite for a photo. If you don’t know about Ed Gein, I am not sure you will even want to Google it – he was the inspiration for several horror movies. Some believe that they never actually moved him. His stone is gone, but if you look close you will see a small rock that someone placed between his brother and mother – I have seen others report golf balls and other items. I colorized the photo for eerie effect (ok, so I actually colorized it to take away from the eeriness). Happy Halloween, everyone!