Local Treasures

From Clouds to Sun

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These were made on the same day – it was the first warm day of the spring, before the ice formations melted (those photos are forthcoming). The second photo has a strange, but intentional focal point – I’m still unsure about how I feel about it 🙂 The first photo was near Cana Lighthouse in Door County, and the second photo was made at Cave Point County Park, also Door County. small_MG_0840-Edit small_MG_0556


So I’ve had a few months with my new camera…

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Now that I’ve had some time with my new camera, and have been learning all I can about editing in LR/PS CC, I am finally ready to start rolling out a few photos. Let’s start with this one: It didn’t make the cut for submitting to my local camera club’s salon, but I so wanted to use it…maybe I’ll edit it up a bit more and submit it next year.

This photo was taken near Cana Lighthouse in Door County, WI. I sure am enjoying my new Canon 6d 🙂

JBeckendorf Reflective Inlet, Scenic

Bjorklunden, Door County, WI

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Great place for retreats: Bjorklunden, Bailey’s Harbor, WI



Horses and Asses and Cocks, Oh My!

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Sorry about the provocative title, but I couldn’t resist! These animals reside on the property where I cut my Christmas tree each year. The horse is 33 years old and lost his 14 year old ‘girlfriend’ this year to cancer. The owner does not think he will last another year because he is so heartbroken. The rooster is giving me a dirty look – he was getting pretty angry with me.

What do you think…should I produce these in B&W also? In the end, I chose color because I think these animals are colorful creatures, but the photos were great in B&W too!

Madison on a Tuesday Night

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Always something to do in Madison – even on a Tuesday night. The Ivory Room Piano Bar was our entertainment of choice that night – colleagues, beer, and sing-alongs. Good times. Now I can’t decide if I like the color or B&W version better…

And in black & white:

I left my heart in…Madison, WI

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There is an energy in Madison that just doesn’t exist in any other Wisconsin city. And it has nothing to do with government…this capitol building shot just happens to be my most recent photo taken while attending a conference there last month.

photography, capitol building, Madison, Wisconsin

Distinguished Visitor

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Just happened to see this guy on my way to the grocery store one day last month. Didn’t have my tripod with me, but the hood of a truck works in a pinch…