So I’ve had a few months with my new camera…

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Now that I’ve had some time with my new camera, and have been learning all I can about editing in LR/PS CC, I am finally ready to start rolling out a few photos. Let’s start with this one: It didn’t make the cut for submitting to my local camera club’s salon, but I so wanted to use it…maybe I’ll edit it up a bit more and submit it next year.

This photo was taken near Cana Lighthouse in Door County, WI. I sure am enjoying my new Canon 6d 🙂

JBeckendorf Reflective Inlet, Scenic


Dog, contemplating.

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I couldn’t resist sharing another shot of this photogenic guy. He seems to be contemplating the meaning of Christmas, but really he is just trying to move his face away from the camera. This was taken with my Samsung Note 3 (again – I can’t wait until my new camera arrives!).


Holiday traditions

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In the past, I have posted photos from the Christmas tree farm we visit, but for some reason this year was a bit more fun. Perhaps because I am moving on to a new job and life seems so full of possibilities I could burst.

Have you ever taken a step back from yourself to assess your life and suddenly realized how lucky you are? That happened to me this week.

The following photos aren’t particularly special works of art, but the strong sense of peace and love coming from my soul when I made them was very special.

Horse('s), Ass
Our two (yes, I said TWO) trees

Fireworks in December

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The new LED lights I bought this year shine so brightly against the house, even through several inches of snow. It reminds me of fireworks. I was using my ‘new’ old lens, which seems to be a bit more challenging to use than the lenses I am used to, but I think they turned out ok.


Coneflower in a Snowstorm

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Merry Christmas! This photo was taken during a blizzard a few days ago and edited using Pixelmator (working on buying LR). It was my first time using Pixelmator, and I found the program to be incredibly easy to use and experiment with.


Go, I must

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Yes, even the mega-powerful Yoda must use the outhouse from time to time…and in the snow, too!

I was testing out an old lens I had lying around – unfortunately, the results have not been great – many of my photos have been turning out a bit fuzzy. I think it is time to take my camera and lenses in to my favorite shop to have everything looked over. Or perhaps it is a series of photographer errors 🙂



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It will be a white Christmas, after all!! These photos were taken earlier this morning. Yesterday, there was no snow on the ground whatsoever. We are expecting almost 18″ when it is all over, and a warning about potential power outages has been scrolling on my tv.

_MG_6318 _MG_6324 _MG_6329 _MG_6356