An angel plotting an attack.

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There aren’t many people that would call Ralph an angel after meeting him. They’re wrong. He is incredibly sweet. To me, anyway.

In fact, that is one thing I agree with the haters about… Ralph loves only one human in this world: me. I am the lucky one that gets all of his sweetness.

In this photo, the little angel is watching birds… And plotting to kill them.

Taken with my Samsung Note 3 with no editing (read: LAZY).


PS:some of you might remember him from this gem:


Do you have a pet that only seems to like one person? Feel free to share your story in the comments.


Fur and Paws

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Whenever any furry critter is around, I will be the first person to focus in and attempt to cuddle, kiss, and of course take photos of them. I have 5 pets myself, so I have a lot of opportunity to practice. It can be very tricky, especially when they don’t trust the big metal contraption you keep trying to shove in front of their face. But, in the end, the reward of the perfect (or almost perfect… Or flawed-but-strangely-perfect) photo is enough.

Again, these photos were taken on my phone and filters were used. Not all of them turned out the way I hoped, but I still loved each one.

My precious Lou.
My host dog while on vacation in VA
An unintentionally freaky photo of a very sweet (and handsome) kitty
Leaping Lou.
Smile, you handsome devil!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

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My cat likes to sleep under the covers sometimes…and of course I let him because he is incredibly sweet 🙂 Unfortunately, all I had was my phone next to me to capture this…

Ralph doesn't appreciate being woken up by the camera.
Ralph doesn’t appreciate being woken up by the camera.

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Black & White and Tone on Tone

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Franky (dog) is rarely willing to pose for photos, so I have to catch him when he is utterly exhausted. Ralph (cat), on the other hand, grew up with a lens in his face, so he tends to ham it up. That is why I love taking pet photos so much – even when they hate cameras, their personality permeates the shot.


Franky, taking a rest from bossing everyone around


Ralph, hamming it up for the camera