From Clouds to Sun

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These were madeΒ on the same day – it was the first warm day of the spring, before the ice formations melted (those photos are forthcoming). The second photo has a strange, but intentional focal point – I’m still unsure about how I feel about it πŸ™‚ The first photo was near Cana Lighthouse in Door County, and the second photo was made at Cave Point County Park, also Door County. small_MG_0840-Edit small_MG_0556

Dog and Blue Jeans…In Black & White

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This dog was precious! I took this while 2nd shooter on an engagement shoot – this couple was adorable, but I couldn’t take my eyes off their pup. This was taken with my old Canon 30D, but edited using my new LR/PS CC subscription πŸ™‚

JBeckendorf Dog and Jeans, Animals BW

Here’s another one – the lighting was harsh and the dog’s nose a little blurry, but I still like this photo:


So I’ve had a few months with my new camera…

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Now that I’ve had some time with my new camera, and have been learning all I can about editing in LR/PS CC, I am finally ready to start rolling out a few photos. Let’s start with this one: It didn’t make the cut for submitting to my local camera club’s salon, but I so wanted to use it…maybe I’ll edit it up a bit more and submit it next year.

This photo was taken near Cana Lighthouse in Door County, WI. I sure am enjoying my new Canon 6d πŸ™‚

JBeckendorf Reflective Inlet, Scenic


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I hoped to share some lovely new pics from my lovely new Canon 6d and three lovely new lenses. I received the lenses and flash a few days ago, and have been patiently waiting for my camera to arrive.

It arrived today. I could hardly wait to open the box! So much planning went into my selection of the camera, lenses, and flash, and I couldn’t believe the day had finally come when I could hold it in my hands and feel the smooth shutter release under my finger, just waiting for me to press it.

I pulled all contents from the box, carefully removed the plastic and unwrapped the manuals, looking for the quick start guide. And there it was, sandwiched between two manuals, the sight of it filling me with excitement at the thought of what – or whom – would be the subject of my first photograph.

Step 1 – insert battery (check!)
Step 2 – insert SD card…

Dang. Guess I should have ordered one of those.

More to come soon πŸ™‚

An angel plotting an attack.

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There aren’t many people that would call Ralph an angel after meeting him. They’re wrong. He is incredibly sweet. To me, anyway.

In fact, that is one thing I agree with the haters about… Ralph loves only one human in this world: me. I am the lucky one that gets all of his sweetness.

In this photo, the little angel is watching birds… And plotting to kill them.

Taken with my Samsung Note 3 with no editing (read: LAZY).


PS:some of you might remember him from this gem:


Do you have a pet that only seems to like one person? Feel free to share your story in the comments.

Dog, contemplating.

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I couldn’t resist sharing another shot of this photogenic guy. He seems to be contemplating the meaning of Christmas, but really he is just trying to move his face away from the camera. This was taken with my Samsung Note 3 (again – I can’t wait until my new camera arrives!).


Time to clean ears

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Franky has such an amazing, expressive face. I love photographing him, but unfortunately he does not love cameras, so my photos of him typically consist of him looking away or off to the side.

In this photo, he is suspiciously eyeing the ear cleaning solution we are about to administer. The way he looks, you’d think we were about to torture him.

I hate ear - cleaning day!